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Technical & Support Team


Our organization’s support team…

is equal in importance to our instructional team in achieving the goals we have established for ourselves. We are very proud of our support team and the many contributions they make to ensure that our facilities are sparkling, that our staffing meets our program and professional requirements, that our communications and information technology systems are functioning smoothly, that our invoicing is conducted properly and our accounts are managed properly, and that we maintain an orderly and efficient organization that allows us to achieve well beyond what is stipulated by the regulations that govern us. These individuals make a monumental contribution to TIEE and its ability to provide outstanding schools for students in the San Diego region.

Trish Dart

Director of Human Resources

Director of the Year 2002

Beth Parmenter

Student Services Assistant

Paraprofessional of the Year 1995

Cindy Byrne

Administration Assistant

Paraprofessional of the Year 2002

Cathy Berry

Administration Assistant

Cynthia Quezada

Administration Assistant

Tom Reasoner, B.S.,

Director of Operations

Director of the Year 2008

Merritt Smith

Administration Assistant, IT Support Technician

Paraprofessional of the Year 1988

Mary Cohen

Business Office & Accounts Payable Coordinator

Director of the Year 2011

Danny Orozsco

Facilities Maintenance

Director of the Year 2011

Michael Fitch

Facilities Maintenance

Kyle Kellerman

Facilities Assistant

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