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Having fun learning how to teach

Having fun learning how to teach

TIEE’s Paraprofessional Teachers actually teach
In TIEE’s schools, Paraprofessional Teachers (called assistants, techs, or aides elsewhere) actually teach. We show you how to teach students one-to-one, in small groups, and in larger groups. We show you how to use teaching methods that are supported by research.

TIEE’s training program is top notch
We will show you how to be a truly positive force in the growth of young people.  Your ongoing training is part of your job and you will find that your trainers are highly skilled, positive, friendly, and really want you to be successful in teaching our students.  You will be a member of a high-achieving team of professionals and paraprofessionals.

TIEE’s Paraprofessional Teachers are key to our success
TIEE’s Paraprofessional Teachers are responsible for assisting teachers or other professionals in providing a positive, effective, and efficient learning environment for its students. Each Paraprofessional Teacher is assigned to a teacher or another professional for the purpose of ongoing assignments, training, and supervision.

TIEE’s Paraprofessional Teachers become stellar teachers
Many of our Paraprofessional Teachers have continued their university education and have become credentialed teachers.  TIEE makes it easier by providing highly effective hands-on training as well as partial tuition reimbursement for successfully completed courses.

Click here for a PDF telling more about the qualifications for being a Paraprofessional in a TIEE school.

Click here to get an application for paraprofessional employment in a TIEE school.

Completed applications may be mailed or faxed.
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