Children’s Workshop Commended in Recent Site Reviews

November 5th, 2009 by admin

Children’s Workshop, along with the other schools of The Institute for Effective Education’s (TIEE’s) family of schools were given site visits by two review teams in spring, 2009. One of the teams represented the California State Department of Education (SDE) and their review was conducted as part of a cycle of annual reviews pursuant to SDE certification of TIEE’s schools as Non-Public, Non-Sectarian Schools. Joining the state team was a second team representing San Diego County Office of Education and the San Diego County Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs), nominally the San Diego County NPS Quality Review Team. The site review process involved an entire week of evaluations of TIEE’s contracts and records; site visits to each school; observations of classroom and school activities; interviews with administrators, staff members, students, and parents; and an extensive exit interview.

The teams expressed many commendations for the quality of TIEE’s schools, some of which were formalized in their written reports, including:

Commendations go to all TIEE programs for staff support/coaching; high level of teamwork (staff is passionate about their work/profession); positive support for students and staff; classroom behavior management systems; ability to meet social emotional needs; strong program identity; and research-based instruction.

The CDE report included the following commendations:
The dedicated and caring staff provides a milieu conducive to student learning and growth.”

“The TIEE physical plants are bright cheerful and clean – a positive contributor to the education process.”

“The operation of the program and the teamwork that exists between the staff appears seamless.”

“Teachers and paraprofessionals work together in a supportive manner within all the programs.”

“The excellent data system promotes student success and provides timely feedback to staff.”

“Smart boards have replaced chalkboards and are a valuable, technologically up-to-date tool for teacher and students.”
“Staff reported feeling valued, supported and passionate about teaching.”

“Several teachers reported leaving TIEE for employment in public schools and later returning (despite pay differential) for the sense of teamwork, training and support they receive at TIEE.”

“There’s a high level of collaboration and teamwork; staff development is a high priority.”

“The curriculum is geared toward the learning needs of the individual student.”

“Students are engaged in learning.

Never in its 37-year history has Children’s Workshop or any of the other TIEE schools received such a thorough-going evaluation, so we were very pleased to learn of the commendations and to have the certification status of all four of our schools renewed without qualification.