Children’s Workshop Director Trains Teachers in the Philippines

November 5th, 2009 by admin

Hillary Whiteside, Director of Children’s Workshop, had a unique opportunity to travel to the Philippines and teach a young boy with autism and his family. This opportunity arose due to her collaboration and mentorship of Jenna Sleichter, a special education teacher in the San Diego Unified School District, who had been consulting with the family for several years.

They assessed the 8-year old’s levels of functioning as well as designed and implemented teaching programs to meet his individual needs. Together they provided intensive training over the course of two weeks to four teachers from Cebu. The training involved modeling, side-by-side coaching, and feedback on their performance.

The family was extremely pleased with the positive outcome for the teachers and most importantly for their son. Already, his growth has permitted him to interact more effectively with his family members and to be more actively involved in their daily routine. Consultation with the family and the boy’s teachers continues to occur via video conferencing.