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Collaboration & Annual Progress Plans


We have an unparalleled commitment to student success

We have an unparalleled commitment to student success.

Meaningful collaboration toward student achievement
Children’s Workshop is committed to meaningful collaboration and communication with the families of its students because we know that, in doing so, a student’s educational and social success can be greatly enhanced. So, whether a student is enrolled privately or on contract with a public school district, Children’s Workshop personnel will be open to parent involvement.

Developing annual plans for achievement
Children’s Workshop parents are involved in all aspects of the annual planning process for their child’s achievement. Parents of privately placed students participate in the development of a Collaborative Plan of annual goals and parents of students placed by public school districts participate along with school district personnel and Children’s Workshop staff members in developing an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Prior to development of the student’s annual plan, Children’s Workshop staff gather information from families so that their concerns and hopes are considered in their child’s plan. Parents have an active role as decision-making members of the planning team.

Reports of student progress
Parents are informed of student progress on a regular basis through telephone contact. Formal progress reports are provided quarterly to families and, in the case of students referred by their school district, the home school district. These reports are designed to provide clear and concise information on the achievement of each student’s goals and benchmarks.

Children’s Workshop also provides video views during which parents have the opportunity to observe their child in instruction and discuss the methods and outcomes with their child’s teacher.

Participation in social events
In addition to involvement in their child’s planning and progress, families are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our various social events throughout the year.

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