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CW’s Facility


     Children’s Workshop

Our School
Children’s Workshop is located at 9524 Kearny Villa Road in San Diego. The building and playground have been designed and constructed with the students attending Children’s Workshop specifically in mind.  Our beautiful, bright building welcomes students, families, and visitors and it supports our mission by encouraging our positive outlook on learning. The inviting design of our facility can be seen in the well-maintained landscape, the expansive and colorful playground, the vibrant artwork, the student centered displays, and the clean, well-organized instructional areas.


A full array of instructional options
The layout of our school permits one-to-one instruction and therapy as needed, small group instruction, and large group activities like story time and music. We have a brand new, fully functioning kitchen and laundry in which our students learn some of the basics of self-care. There is a wide-open, general activity area where our students can engage in a variety of sensory and motor activities and to which we invite our families and friends for musical performances and plays.

Playgrounds for learning
The playground is enclosed by fences to support our desire to keep our students as safe as possible.  Climbing equipment meets current safety standards and encourages our  students to explore. Designed as a multipurpose park, a variety of trees decorates the extensive play surface.

Children’s Workshop  is a wonderful place for students to come to school. We understand that, from time to time, one of them doesn’t want to leave for the day.

"You have the most positive schools I've ever seen!" State Department of Education site reviewer