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CW’s Students


Our students inspire us

Children’s Workshop enrolls up to 60 students, aged 3-12, with severe communication, learning, social, and behavior problems associated with autism and other developmental disorders. We enroll students on contract with public school districts and on contract with private families.

Children’s Workshop now accepts foreign students who qualify for I-20 status.

Our students are a very diverse group and every one of them has inspired our affection and our zeal to help them learn and be the best they can be. They deserve it. And, so do their families.

We educate kids with
Developmental Disabilities
Behavior & Emotional Disabilities
Down Syndrome
Medical disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury
Hearing Impairment
Multiple Disabilities

What our students have in common is that they require precise, specific instruction in small groups with many 1:1 opportunities in order to learn new skills.


"You have the most positive schools I've ever seen!" State Department of Education site reviewer