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COOK Education Center


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We believe that education is society’s grandest and most important helping hand

Certified and praised
COOK Education Center is a California Department of Education certified nonpublic, non-sectarian school.

COOK has received the highest commendations for the quality of its education of students with disabilities from the students themselves, from parents, school officials, professors of education, and elected officials.

Our commitment to quality education
The administration and staff of COOK Education Center are committed to implementing evidenced-based teaching and therapy methods to educate elementary and secondary students with the greatest diversity and intensity of disabilities, so that each student achieves a new, higher potential for a quality and contributing life.

“If I had stretchy arms, I’d hug this school.” COOK Education Center Student

COOK Education Center is a highly structured, positive school in which students are taught explicitly how to do the right thing and they are regularly caught doing the right thing and praised for it. It is common for our students to begin to enjoy school and make good friends for the first time.

We are specialists in serving students with disabilities, including students with significant behavior problems associated with their disabilities and students whose disabilities require an intensely supervised, safe school environment.

“This school is a miracle.” COOK Education Center Mom

"You have the most positive schools I've ever seen!" State Department of Education site reviewer