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COOK’s Facility


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A quality school deserves a quality facility. Suppose that the grandest buildings were schools.

COOK Education Center is an attractive, bright campus that welcomes students, families, and visitors and it compliments our positive outlook on learning and social interaction. We’re proud that our facility includes a well-maintained landscape, an expansive park-like playing field, vibrant artwork inside and out, and clean, well-organized instructional areas.

COOK Education Center affords many options
The layout of our school permits one-to-one instruction and therapy as needed, small group instruction, and large group activities like assemblies. Students have ample access to technology. We have a fully functioning kitchen and laundry; a music room that is supplied with keyboards, drums, guitars, microphones and amps, a computer, and other instruments; a karate dojo in which students can earn all their belts; a work-out room for serious conditioning; art rooms for all sorts of projects; and we have game rooms that can be accessed when students have done well in achieving their personal goals.

Our students like being at COOK Education Center
COOK Education Center has a spacious patio and playground designed as a multipurpose park in which our students can have lunch and interact with their friends, learn group games like baseball and basketball, or just get in shape by walking or running the track. All told, our facility is a wonderful place for our students to come to school.

"You have the most positive schools I've ever seen!" State Department of Education site reviewer