Dr. Jonathan Siegel replaces Alan Snyder on Board of Directors

October 15th, 2010 by admin

At the meeting of the Board of Directors on October 13, Dr. Jonathan Siegel was elected to TIEE’s Board of Directors. It was also announced by Mr. Dick Schnetzer, TIEE’s Board President, that Alan Snyder, Board member since 1992, had resigned his membership citing his extensive duties as Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law and his other non-profit board commitments.

Dr. Siegel, who works for Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, is the father of three graduates from TIEE’s schools. His oldest son, Max, is in his senior year at U.C. Berkeley, his daughter, Rebecca, is a freshman at San Diego State University, and his son, Ben, is a freshman at U.C.L.A. Max was three years old when Dr. Seigel and his wife, Dr. Barbara Lounsbury, enrolled him in TIEE’s preschool program. He and hs siblings graduated from Mt. Helix Academy and were highly successful students at Cathedral High School. Dr. Seigel reported that he was thrilled to join TIEE’s Board of Directors in that he might have the opportunity to repay some of the debt of gratitude he feels for the fine education received by his children. The Board members and administration welcome his participation eagerly.