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Many Ways to Give


There are many ways that you can donate to TIEE or arrange for donations to TIEE.

Retailers donate part of their proceeds
Ask the stores at which you shop if they donate part of their proceeds to non-profit organizations or to private schools. Many do. They just need to be asked.

Many employers donate at employee request
Ask your employer to donate a portion of the company’s profits to TIEE. Many will and many already have programs for making donations. They need to know about worthy causes. TIEE’s mission is a worthy cause.

Personal donations can be easy
Consider making a personal donation through payroll deduction and/or the United Way. Even small weekly or monthly donations add up over time.

Consider allowing TIEE to make a monthly charge to your credit card or debit card.

Annual giving plans can give a tax break
Consider an annual giving arrangement. Donations are tax-deductible and many people find that donating to TIEE near the end of the calendar year can be a win-win. TIEE receives the donation and they receive a tax break.

Consider planning for the distribution of your estate.
Marjorie Cook Taylor granted a substantial donation to TIEE that permitted the organization to acquire the property and building that is now Children’s Workshop. The Board of Directors elected to name one of TIEE’s facilities in her honor, so another of TIEE’s schools has come to be called the COOK Education Center. The acquisition of that facility was made possible in part by a grant from the estate of Martha MacCollum.

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