Lounsbury-Siegel Donation Creates Professional Training Endowment

June 14th, 2016 by admin

Dr. Jonathan Siegel, Member TIEE Board of Directors

Dr. Jonathan Siegel, Member
TIEE Board of Directors

Dr. Barbara Lounsbury TIEE Medical Director

Dr. Barbara Lounsbury
TIEE Medical Director

TIEE is extremely pleased to announce that it has recently received a sizeable donation from Drs. Barbara Lounsbury and Jonathan Siegel that creates an endowment in support of TIEE’s professional development activities.

Dr. Siegel, a member of TIEE’s Board of Directors, acknowledged his understanding of and appreciation for TIEE’s emphasis on continued professional development for teachers and the other professionals making up TIEE’s educational teams. He also made it clear that it was his and Dr. Lounsbury’s wish that the funds be used to supplement TIEE’s annual budget for professional development, thereby permitting TIEE’s teachers and other professional staff to receive even more professional development than has been funded in prior years.

Dr. Lounsbury, TIEE’s Medical Director, spoke highly of the quality of professional training received by TIEE professional and paraprofessional staffers and felt a debt of gratitude to TIEE for the education received by all three of the Lounsbury-Siegel children at TIEE’s Mt. Helix Academy. All have since graduated from California universities, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and SDSU.

Drs. Siegel and Lounsbury jointly expressed the hope that others would see the tremendous value in TIEE’s professional training and would contribute to the endowment initiated by their donation.