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MVA’s Professional Team

Steve Wheless, M.A. Director

Staffing for intensive elementary and middle school programming

Our team consists of one special educator for each group of eight to ten students, a compliment of paraprofessionals necessary to educate our students at a ratio of 2.5 students for each direct service staff member, additional paraprofessionals as needed to educate students who require a more intensive ratio, a fully licensed Speech/Language therapist, a Registered Occupational Therapist, and a karate instructor.

We are positive and energetic; we love our work and our students; and we function as a true team, with a common mission to have our students learn as rapidly and as enjoyably as possible. Our professionals are top notch and several of our Paraprofessional teachers have BA’s.

Matthew Wilbat M.A., BCBA

Teacher, Mission Valley Academy

Carmen Avila-Bomar, B.A.

Occupational Therapist, Mission Valley Academy

Sheryl Bobroff, M.S., LPCC, CRC

Director, Vocational and Adult Services

Professional of the Year 1999

Frank McCarroll, M.S.

Sensei Master, Cook Education Center

Professional of the Year 2014

Sherry Lacson, M.A.

Program Coordinator, Mission Valley Academy

Professional of the Year 2013

Jennifer Reyes Lopez, B.A.

Teacher, Mission Valley Academy

Carmen Munoz Diaz, B.A.

Intern Teacher, Mission Valley Academy

Karen Cabrera, M.S.

Speech-Language Pathologist, Children’s Workshop & Mission Valley Academy

"You have the most positive schools I've ever seen!" State Department of Education site reviewer