TIEE celebrates 40 years while honoring staff tenure

March 21st, 2012 by admin

2012 Awardees for tenure of service posing at the 40th anniversary celebration of TIEE

TIEE threw a big bash in celebration of its 40th year of operation in conjunctionwith its annual “Spaghetti dinner” on Friday, March 9. The annual affair is held to honor duration of employment with the organization. This year, 10 staff members were honored, including, for 30 years of service, Margie Davenport, Coordinator of Special Education Student Services, and Ken Traupmann, Executive Director; for 20 years of service, Sophia Frost, Teacher at Mt. Helix Academy; and, for 10 years of service, Alicia Ritter, Program Coordinator at Children’s Workshop, Cathy Berry, Administrative Assistant, Frank McCarroll, Karate instructor, Nohemi Ramirez, Special Education Teacher, and Jen Swope, Director, all of COOK Education Center, and Ken Johnson, Special Education Teacher and Kiana Alana, Direct-Service Assistant at Urban Skills Center.

The affair was held at the Coronado Community Center with over 200 staff members, friends, and families in attendance. Music for the evening was provided by “The Ideas,” a rousing rock ‘n roll trio, and MC for the affair was Mike Hanlon, award winning Kindergarten teacher at Mt. Helix Academy