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Graduation and Transition


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Ah, the excitement of graduation day when pride in accomplishment flourishes

Graduation exercises are held in June each year and those students who have completed their home school’s requirements for a diploma are granted their high school diploma. Students who have reached their 22nd birthday during the school year are no longer eligible to continue their studies so are graduated with a Certificate of Completion.

A planful transition
Upon enrollment in Urban Skills Center, students are assigned to a credentialed teacher who, with the assistance our Vocational Services team and the student, her/himself, establishes goals and maps out a plan for meeting those goals over the course of the student’s tenure at USC. In this way, the vocational objectives for our students can be embedded in all of the student’s school day.

By the time our seniors graduate, most have experienced a wide variety of apprenticeship opportunities, both volunteer and paid, including food service at The La Mesa Adult Enrichment Center or Mt. Helix Academy; customer service at SeaWorld, Edible Arrangements; yard maintenance at Children’s Workshop or Balboa Park; stocking/re-shelving at Goodwill Industries or The College Rolando Library; and many others as well.

A job isn't everything,but it's a lot

A job isn’t everything,
but it’s a lot!

In their senior year, students participate in a thoroughly developed transition curriculum that includes designing and writing resumes and cover letters; practicing interviewing; visiting community programs, like Community Options, Towards Maximum Independence (TMI), and Partnership with Industries (PWI); and certain life issues, such as transportation and housing. At the culmination of their senior year, each student will have completed a professional portfolio that includes a resume, sample applications, list of references, career interest surveys, necessary accommodations they might need on the job, and other relevant information.

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