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Hillary Whiteside, M.S., BCBA


Hillary-webHillary Whiteside, M.S., BCBA
Executive Director 

Hillary Whiteside earned her B.S. in Psychology from San Diego State University and M.S. in Special Education from National University.   She holds a Professional Clear Multiple Subjects credential with CLAD and a Professional Clear Moderate/Severe Education Specialist credential.  Ms. Whiteside completed coursework for the BCBA at the University of North Texas.

Ms. Whiteside began her career in education with TIEE as a direct service paraprofessional and, on completing her program of teacher training, she was promoted to classroom teacher. In 2001, Ms. Whiteside was promoted to Program Coordinator and then to Director of Children’s Workshop in 2006.

In addition to her duties at TIEE, Ms. Whiteside also teaches in San Diego State University’s Department of Special Education and serves as Practicum Supervisor in the Masters in Autism Program.  She also is a member of that program’s Advisory Board.  Ms. Whiteside is expert in teaching behavioral supports for the classroom, in supervising and coaching teachers who are implementing ABA methods, and in developing educational programs for young children with developmental disabilities, including autism.

Because of her expert teaching of students with challenging special needs, Ms. Whiteside was awarded TIEE’s Professional of the Year in 2000.  At TIEE’s annual staff awards function in 2018, she was acknowledged for 20 years of service to the organization.

"You have the most positive schools I've ever seen!" State Department of Education site reviewer