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COOK’s Students


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A diverse student body in a welcoming school
COOK Education Center enrolls up to 100 secondary-age students, with mild to severe learning disabilities and mild to severe problem behaviors.

Students are enrolled in one of two COOK programs according to their needs. Students are enrolled in the Secondary program unless they require more support, in which case they are enrolled in the Workshop at Cook program.

Foreign students can be enrolled
COOK Education Center can enroll foreign students who qualify for I-20 status.

A wide range of disabilities is served
The disabilities of our students span nearly the full spectrum of special education eligibility.

Autism • Asperger Syndrome • Down Syndrome • ADD/ADHD • Learning Disabilities • Medical disorders • Behavior & Emotional Disabilities • Multiple Disabilities • Developmental Disabilities


A “zero-tolerance” school
COOK Education Center is a “zero tolerance” school. We do not enroll students who have been expelled for weapons or drug possession. Nor do we enroll students who are known to commit sexual assault, animal cruelty, or fire setting.

"You have the most positive schools I've ever seen!" State Department of Education site reviewer