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V&AS Professional Team


Staffing for effective and individualized programs

Our team consists of licensed counselors, counseling interns, education specialists, paraprofessional coaches, and an office assistant.

We work either at a 1:1 ratio or in small groups which allows for customized services based on the needs of each individual.

We are positive and energetic; we love our work and supporting our enrollees. We function as a true team in order to support our enrollees in maximizing independence in vocational, post-secondary education, social, and functional living skills.

Sheryl Bobroff, M.S., CRC, LPCC


Professional of the Year 1999

Sarah Yerelian, M.A., LPCC

Counselor; Case Manager

William Robert Bland, B.A.

Counseling Intern; Coach

Rebecca Siegel, B.A.

Office Assistant

Stephanie Mendoza Sahagun, B.S.

Education Specialist, Case Manager

Guillermo Gonzales, B.A., APCC

Counseling Intern

Kiara Allen, B.A

Counseling Intern; Coach

Mallory Escobedo


Justin Mayo, M.S.E

"You have the most positive schools I've ever seen!" State Department of Education site reviewer