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Sp/Lang Pathologists & Assistants


California licensed Speech/Language Pathologists have a tremendous opportunity to serve as a member of a team of special education professionals and paraprofessionals in the treatment of students from 3.5 years to 22 years, whose disabilities characterize nearly the full range of speech and language problems.

At TIEE’s schools, we teach youngsters to talk, we teach them to sign, we teach them to use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), we teach them to use augmentative devices.  We devote tremendous time teaching pragmatics, so that students can get their needs and wants met, so that they can assist others, and so that they can function as desired members of social groups.

We expect our Speech/Language therapists to implement evidence-based programs and also to train other team members to implement those programs so that our students can achieve their speech and language goals more quickly than would be possible in the traditional “pull-out” model.  If you want to practice as a member of a team in one of the most positive places you have ever been, in an organization that encourages professional growth, place an application with us.

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