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Carol Nielsen, MA. BCBA, Director Mission Valley Academy On behalf of the Board of Directors, TIEE is pleased to announce two senior staff moves. After 37 years of service to TIEE, the students, families, and school districts it serves, Carol Nielsen has given notice that she wishes to retire on January 31, 2021, from the program leadership role she has so faithfully and adroitly performed for over 30 years. Fortunately for TIEE, Carol is merely semi-retiring. She will continue part-time to assist in the training

Mission Valley Academy (MVA), the newest of TIEE’s schools, is located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. Formerly the Foundations Program at the COOK Education Center, the school opened in April, 2019. Mission Valley Academy is certified by the California Department of Education as a nonpublic, nonsectarian school, and is currently pursuing WASC accreditation. MVA provides intensive evidence-based education for students with moderate to severe learning and behavior problems associated with autism and other developmental disabilities.   Click to learn more about Mission Valley Academy.

TIEE’s 2016 Annual Awards function, held at the Coronado Community Center in late January, celebrated several staff members for longevity of service and for quality of service. Selena Young, Speech/Language Assistant at Children’s Workshop, Suneeta Cohen, Junior High Teacher at Mt. Helix Academy, and Ellen Foggiano, Trans-Kindergarten Teacher at Mt. Helix Academy were honored for 10 years of service to TIEE’s schools. Trish Gallagher, Elementary Teacher at Mt. Helix Academy, was honored for twenty years of service to TIEE schools, all of which was at

TIEE is extremely pleased to announce that it has recently received a sizeable donation from Drs. Barbara Lounsbury and Jonathan Siegel that creates an endowment in support of TIEE’s professional development activities. Dr. Siegel, a member of TIEE’s Board of Directors, acknowledged his understanding of and appreciation for TIEE’s emphasis on continued professional development for teachers and the other professionals making up TIEE’s educational teams. He also made it clear that it was his and Dr. Lounsbury’s wish that the funds be used to supplement

Located in San Diego’s Mission and next door to TIEE’s COOK Education Center, Urban Skills Center is WASC accredited and certified by the California Department of Education as a nonpublic, nonsectarian school. Urban Skills Center educates young adults, 18-22 years of age, whose learning challenges lead them to require a longer period of schooling to achieve a high school diploma. The school also educates students who will not obtain a high school diploma and need to acquire vocational and independent living skills. Click to learn more about Urban Skills Center